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The challenge we assume

enia is an Uruguayan startup dedicated to software development and hardware design, specialized in the implementation of actionable processes of value generation based on data, with special focus on the automation of tasks and the effective incorporation of analytical information in decision making.

Our fields of expertise

A multidisciplinary team of experts in computer engineering, data science, electrical engineering and applied comunication, designs and executes strategies for problem solving and process optimization through the application of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things, Big Data and Data Visualization.


eniaintelligence | data/information

It’s enia’s field of expertise that addresses the relationship between data and information. Relevance and opportunity are the basic criteria guiding the exploratory, interpretive and predictive work on the data, applying the most advanced statistical techniques and computational analysis. In this way, the data becomes metric and narrative that contribute to the knowledge about the relevant reality for the company.


eniarobotics | data/environment

It’s enia’s field of expertise that addresses the relationship between the data and the physical environment. Applied robotics allows for the optimization of the productive processes through task automation. At the same time, the design and coordination of devices connected to data transmission networks allows us to evaluate different dimensions of the environment in order to generate decision making oriented information.


eniainteractions | data/human

It’s enia’s field of expertise that addresses the relationship between data and human interaction. Based on a communicational approach to Data Science, it studies and generates strategies for the incorporation of products using data and analytics within the information flows of the company in an intensive manner. This way, it articulates the development and implementation of solutions aimed at the interaction with agents both internal and external to the company.

The services we provide

enia provides development, consulting and training services. Also, it offers its participation as a technological partner in innovative projects that require the intensive application of technologies within its field of specialization.

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